Facial Mask Brush
Facial Mask Brush

Facial Mask Brush

Our Facial Mask Brush features long tapered bristles to ensure an even application over the whole face, and the slanted tip allows application in all the corners and niches of the face.

  • The handle is made from FSC elm wood from Russia
  • The bristles are 100% synthetic - meaning it is cruelty free!
  • The brush allows for clean mask application to keep you from wasting precious product
  • Pairs perfectly with our Expert Facial Masks
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How to use

To ensure the most hygienic mask application follow these steps: 1. Scoop the mask from the pot using a spatula.
2. Use the brush to apply the product to the face, neck and d�colletage if desired; Avoid the eye area when applying the masks.
3. Clean the brush after each use with warm water; You can also clean the brush with Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash for a more thorough clean.