Uplifting Blooms 
Glowing Cherry Blossom Duo

Uplifting Blooms Glowing Cherry Blossom Duo


Looking for the perfect gift for a floral fragrance lover? Spark happiness when you treat them to sweet, delicate notes of Japanese cherry blossom, osmanthus flower and sandalwood with our Uplifting Blooms Glowing Cherry Blossom Duo.

But this gift set doesn’t just love their body. It supports our Community Fair Trade partners who helped us make it. Your Shower Gel is made with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, for skin that feels lovingly smoother. In fact, by choosing this gift, you’re helping to support indigenous female farmers living on the edge of rainforest reserves in the Yucatan peninsula, where work opportunities are limited.

There’s a little card inside too, handmade by our Community Fair Trade partner, Get Paper Industry (GPI). Based in Nepal, GPI employs more women than men, provides fair and equal pay and supports local communities by investing in projects to improve education.

Radha Lama is a member of GPI for nearly 30 years and a single mother of two daughters. She has been able to support her children in their education and keep her family financially independent.

The packaging has been sustainably sourced and can also be widely recycled.*

  • Glowing Cherry Blossom Shower Gel 250ml
  • Glowing Cherry Blossom Body Mist 100ml


*Where local facilities allow.

Uplifting Blooms Glowing Cherry Blossom Duo
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